Classes of Membership

    Must be age 18 or older, of good character and community standing and should reside or practice their vocation or profession within the territorial limits of their club. Should not be a member of another service organization.
    Elected for a period of one year in recognition of some distinguished task performed for the community or club. Any person can be elected to this category and may be re-elected from year to year. This person does not pay dues, but is entitled to all the privileges of any active member except holding office and voting.
    The Life Membership category recognizes outstanding contributions to Kin. A potential Life Member has to meet certain criteria, including the length of time served in Kin, to qualify for the honour, and the club proposing the honour must apply to the national headquarters to obtain permission to confer the honour. Life Members are greatly respected for their dedication and knowledge.
  • K-40 / K-ETTE:
    Is there life after you've done it all? You bet! Many clubs have a K-ette or K-40 Club, which is an auxiliary club composed of club alumni who would generally have reached the age of 40 when the association still maintained an upper age limit for active members. Those members may meet once a month and / or attend the clubs' general meetings. Their expertise in the field is often called upon for either advice or as helping hands at functions, projects or special events.

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