Christmas Hampers


Two individuals in the Town of Stony Plain, started a Santa Anonymous program in 1979.  Murray Kulak and Imelda Kruger felt the need to give to others in the community who were less fortunate than themselves.  They wrote letters to a number of different businesses in Stony Plain asking for assistance in this project under the name of the Chamber of Commerce.  Both Murray and Imelda were members of the Chamber of Commerce at this time and the Chamber of Commerce name was used since they felt most people and businesses would donate to a group but would be reluctant to donate to individuals.  The businesses in true Christmas spirit did donate to the Santa Anonymous Project.  A number of families who names were obtained by word of mouth were supplied with a turkey, ham and an box of oranges.

In 1980, the second year of the project, names were obtained from social services and businesses were again approached for donations.  Additional help was obtained from schools, which were asked to supply one gift for each child.  Volunteers used their own vehicles to deliver gifts and food.

In 1981, The Kinette Club of Stony Plain was approached to take over the project as it had become too large for two individuals to handle.  The Kinette Club was approached because Murray and Imelda felt that a service club should have the project.

"Although this project takes a lot of man hours at a time when everybody is so busy with their own Christmas preparations, we feel that it is very worthwhile and gratifying to give to others.  Through this project, the Kinettes are helping to serve the Community's 'greatest need'.

The Kinette Club continued to provide hampers of food and gifts to needy families in the community every Christmas until 1988 when the Kinette club folded.  The project was then turned over to The Kinsmen Club of Stony Plain.  in 1988, 98 families were assisted.

History was submitted by Annie Stewart, research of history was done by speaking to Imelda Kruger and verified through Murray Kulak.

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