Stony Plain Kinsmen Celebrate "Community"

The Kinsmen of Stony Plain are proud of their grounding in the history of the community.  When developing their own logo, they incorporated a local story about Sheriff Umbach chaining the wheels of the National CNR locomotive and not allowing it to move west until they paid outstanding taxes to our town!  You can learn more if you visit the monument outside the Multi-Cultural Centre.

The History of Kin Canada

From the historical aspect, in 1920, returning army veteran Hal Rogers missed the comraderie he had shared with fellow Canadians and gathered some acquaintances to form what has now become KIN Canada.  With the goal of fellowship through service to the community, clubs spread across the nation have provided personal development and keep friendships for the members and strengthened every community where a club is formed.

Interested in joining the Kinsmen or learning more?  The Kinsmen Club meet the first & third Wednesday each month at the Stony Plain Pioneer Museum. Click on the Contact Us and send us a message!  




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